Yorg is a unique talent who makes his home in Chicago. 
He began playing guitar at a very young age but always desired to play the bass guitar. In his late teens he was finally able to purchase his first bass and once in his hands, he never looked back.
He cut his teeth in the club scene starting in the early 80’s with his band Tools of Ignorance. This is where he began experimenting by not only holding down the low end like a bass player should, but by going beyond that and incorporating melody into the underlying theme. Although he's not the first bass player to do this, his approach is none the less unique and has been described as a reckless abandon style of playing. It is however extremely controlled and that’s what makes it work so well. 
Yorg has played bass on many albums through the years as well as compilation albums, tribute albums, session work and has performed with Blues legend Jim Kahr. 
Regarding playing live; "There's nothing in the world like that connection between band and audience. When each one is pushing the other it's magic."

Yorg is also an accomplished bass and guitar instructor. He first started teaching in 1986 and has been teaching full time since 1998. His advanced techniques in teaching bass guitar revolve around his love and enthusiasm for the instrument. Although he plays 4,5 and 6 string bass with equal fluidity, his first love is always the standard 4 string.
"I play all these string variations differently. When I personally want to learn a technique I always go for the Fender Jazz. It's much more challenging to branch out on a four string because you can't relax in one position. I'll play this instrument until I'm physically unable to play. It's the drive that keeps me alive."

Yorg plays with the rock/blues Betty Bleu band, which is fronted by Chicago vocalist Michele McCarthy, 
drummer Lynn Parkinson and guitarist Larry Schara. The simple formula in the band is keeping an open mind, do your work diligently and have a damn good time playing songs your own special way. Some of the artists covered are, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Zappa, Stones and many other heavy hitters. Betty Bleu is out and about in the Chicago area so look for upcomming shows!!!

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