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New Project 

New project is coming along nicely! This band has been slowly pieced together. Working on a few single release songs with video while also working on a full length album. 
We have one more piece to put into place regarding members and that should be wrapped up soon as we are in discussions mid October. I'll release names and bios of my new band mates very soon as well. We have some very talented and well known Chicago area members as well as a discovered young member whom will blow your mind!
The concept for the full length album is going to harken back to the glory days of Prog. The concept is about all that's similar though. We do not take ourselves too seriously. We're not going to encapsulate you with our visionary ways and take you to unimagined planes of existence. Nope; Hopefully we're going to make you laugh a little, tap your toe, smile, bob our head and hopefully enjoy what you hear. No lofty sermons from us about life except within the context of our silly music.
I can't wait to share some of this!