Ibanez SRF-705 fretless

This is my main bass in Hyper Jive's Children of Gaia concept album. I love the way it makes its presence known and it handle effects real well. If the neck looks a little long you're not imagining it. This goes as high as my 6 string bass, 2 octave above middle C or 29 frets. It is not subtle and it has some serious output. I'm still learning to feel this bass' sweet spots but we're growing together quite well. 

Squire 70's Vibe Jazz Bass

I love this bass. I've owned about 8 or 9 Fender Jazz and P basses over the years. None have played as well as this Squire. I hot rodded it with a Hip-Shot bridge, Hip-shot string extender and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders so that will help any bass. What gets me is the nearly perfect intonation and it feels better than any Fender I've ever played and that's saying a lot. Not to mention it looks really cool. 

Fernandes 5 string fretless

This is a great little bass. I've added some new EMG electronics and pickups but that's it. It sounds really milky smooth. Great bass for R&B, Blues, Jazz and things requiring a nice beefy low end. I long to get into a Blues/R&B/Soul kind of situation with this bass.

Ibanez 6 string prototype

I bought this Ibanez prototype in the mid 90s. I was/am a big fan of Anthony Jackson and I loved the idea of so many opportunities on the neck. This is a neck through design and its one of the better feeling Ibanez basses I've played. I had to replace the pick-ups and electronics, which was the big complaint with these prototypes. I’ve never even considered selling it as I’ve never played a better feeling 6 string. I used this exclusively while I was in Beneath the Stares. 

Squire Fretless Jazz Bass

During my time in Betty Bleu I hadn't played fretless for years. Larry wrote a cool song and I added a groove to it. In my head it just sounded better on fretless. I needed one in kind of a hurry and I needed something cheap. When I began researching fretless basses by rating this one kept popping up. Every site I went to had the Squier among the highest rated fretless. I bought it and threw in some Bartolini pickups and a badass bridge. It has a sweet sound and I like having a 4 string for things when I don't need a low B.  

Ibanez Roadstar II

The Mighty Stagg Bass

The ever growing pedal board

Korg Minilogue and Roland PK-5A

Roland Juno DS61

NS Design NXTA-5