Sharing a Q&A that was never used

When did you start playing Bass? 

“I was a late bloomer on the bass and didn’t really start until I was 17. I had played a few other instruments in school and messing around with friends but I’ve always been fascinated by the bass guitar.” 

What caught your ear about the bass more so than other things? 

“The first time I heard Roundabout by Yes. I was hooked on that sound immediately and had a burning desire to learn.” 

Did you ever learn it? 

“Yes I did and I explored Chris Squire fanatically. To be honest I still do.” 

Are there any other bass players you’ve been influenced by? 

“Absolutely! Stanley Clarke, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Tony Levin, Carol Kaye, Anthony Jackson, Geezer Butler and I could really go on all day. I’ve also drawn great influence from non bass players like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa to name a few.” 

So you’ve also been inspired by guitarists, anyone else? 

“Brian Wilson who wore about every hat in The Beach Boys also inspires me. I could go on for hours about him and never run out of accolades. The same can be said about Frank Zappa. He has such a huge library of music out there that it seems you never run out of new things to hear. The lists of names that rush through my head are endless. Maybe the best way to describe my influences appropriately is to say, anyone I’ve ever heard or played with. I’m really just a giant mixing bowl.” 

What are some of your favorite basses past and present? 

“The first major brand bass I owned was also my first love; A 1978 Rickenbacker 4001S. I had that bass for a long time. I loved it! A huge chunk of my learning happened on that bass. That bass will always stand out in my memories.” 

What are you playing mostly now? 

“My main bass with Hyper Jive is a fretless Ibanez SRF705 and my NS Design NXTA 5 string upright.” 

Tell me about Hyper Jive? 

“We came together via the internet of course. Pete and I started it up. It didn’t really have a name for a while but we brought in Dan on drums. Then I dipped into my past and was SUPER excited when Lisa, who I was in Beneath the Stares with, liked what she heard and joined up. So we jumped right into the deep end and decided to make our first album an ambitious piece of music with every song flowing into the next. What we’ve created basically is a song that’s 1:20:00 in length. We’ve written in instrument changes and hydration breaks.  

Why is Hyper Jive different than other bands you’ve been in? 

“There are different people in it. I mean every band is different. You get together and create chemistry and hope it works. I’ve been in cover bands, original bands, sessions, improvisations, open mics and a bunch of other scenarios. Its always about the chemistry. I feel Hyper Jive has a great thing going!  

What do you do in your leisure time when not doing music? 

“Read a lot books, mostly Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Classics. Watch any kind of sci-fi. Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate canon etc… Much of my twitter feed will give that aspect of my life away.  

What’s your favorite book? 

“The Stand, with a shout out to The Count of Monty Cristo.” 

When will Hyper Jive drop the album to the airwaves? 

When we’re done recording it. We’re still in the writing and arranging phase. We still need to learn to play it and make sure all the instrument changes are fluid. It’s going to be crazy pulling this off live on essentially no budget but we will.