Tainted Earl began in 1980; The exact day has been subject of controversy. Early on they were called, The Lee Brothers. T’aint and Earl Leigh did a lot of jamming early on and vaulted seamlessly into their writing phase. For over 40 years Tainted Earl has been playing and composing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. No genres are ignored. 

   After recording, The Battle of Ole Factory, Earl Leigh had to hang up his skates. It really did a number on his vocal cords and rather than press on with low quality vocals he decided to retire to his beloved alpaca farm in Montana. T’aint and Earl met Yorg Rinker in 1995, shortly after Yorg’s band, Tools of Ignorance disbanded. He had been a valuably music advisor to the brothers and it was only fitting that he should take over for Earl. 

   Although much of the music is held up in legal battles with a shady record company, Yorg Rinker and T’aint Leigh have finally been given license to release music under the Tainted Earl name. New music is coming out, which you can find by clicking the, LISTEN HERE button.

Tripping (2012-2016)


1. South Amerika

2. The Battle of Ole Factory (Last appearance of Earl Lee)

3. Hominie Hatfield

4. I’m gonna go get me a tattoo

5. Harbenger

6. It’s Raining Zen 

7. Bicycle Spokes

8. Clawed Reigns 


Ray in the Light (2009)


1. Sumuhdat (Overture)

2. Why Are You Telling Me This?

3. You Can Touch It

4. Crucafixation

5. Father Flanagan

6. They Aint Real

7. Shame

8. Not Thinker Than Water (Finale’)


Rap Miene Bologna (1985-1996)


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Trouble at the Carnival (1996)


 1. The Big G String

 2. Up From The Deep

 3. Lonely Boy

 4. Lick the Alphabet

 5. Pleasantly Taking a ____.

 6. Rueben

 7. Greasy Sausage Finger

 8. Hell Hound

 9. Seven Headed

10. Swamp Lake Road


apoundtomummy Suite


Crime and Punishment and Metal Music (1990)


1. I’m Killing

2. Seven Headed

3. Swamp Lake Road

4. Flatulus

5. All Alone Together

6. Spill Your Guts

7. Violent Deaths

8. We All Die


Summerhouse in Hell (1987)

Track List:

1. Christine

2. The Big G

3. Summer House in Hell

4. Dave’s got a Girlfriend

5. MTR

6. Ballad of Roscoe

7. Maggot Migration

8. Trippin’ to the Oldies



The Alphabet Songs album (1985)


1. FMK

2. GNL

3. HOM

4. IPN

5. JAZ

6. KRP

7. Spelling in the Snow

8. The Fountain of Berwyn

9. You’re In Too Deep