Hyper Jive is the brainchild of Pete Downes and Myself. Working together for years without any musical restrictions is a great thing for any artist. We continue moving forward on many fronts. Also playing in Hyper Jive are Lisa Lograsso, Dan Dirvin.

Children of Gaia

Children of Gaia is finally coming. We’re looking forward to finishing this whacky piece of music. 


Jungularity is a collection of the earliest works featuring Pete, Yorg, Michael and drummers (Mark and Lynn)


1. Doin The Things

2. Wichita Cone

3. Bliss Store

4. Skatin In Sand

5. Back To Where We’re From

6. Wander Off Into D Night

Blood Blue Moon

Blood Blue Moon is from one session with Pete, Yorg and John Slattery. We had 3 hours in the middle of winter to get this done. 


1. Racing With Aristotle

2. Givin Away My Hair

3. We Know The Shoe Phantom

4. Feel Dumb On The Street 

5. Gehngis Claus 

Cornbread Malfunction

Cornbread Malfunction is Hyper Jive with Pete, Yorg and Dan.


1. Hairball Soup                                       8. Barcelona

2. Raisin Bran Jazz                                  9. Bibuga Hits

3. Thunder Stomp (Rocket Time)     10. Fisherman’s Knot

4. My Words                                             11. I’m Living in a Cave

5. Sun Spasm                                            12 Horse Feathers

6. 7 O’clock Banshee                              13. Hold The Farm 

7. Toad Swimming Pool