Tools of Ignorance thrived in the Chicago area from the mid eighties to the early nineties. They played diverse clubs such as The Thirsty Whale, Queen of the Midwest metal clubs, or the kinky-chic of the Exit, to Dreamers, the arty-bohemian slum palace. That they were able to cross over so easily from one genre to another is a testimony to the fact that they rebelled against the traditional instrumental format of "guitar solo over band vamp." Their work emphasized arrangement, concept and rock band format in the tradition of The Ventures, although any other comparison stops there.Referred to as "hard rock revisionists of note" in the book Rock And the Pop Narcotic (Carducci, 1990, 1994), Tools of Ignorance are mentioned in the same breath as Rush and Led Zeppelin. As Carducci explains, Tools of Ignorance had insanely boiled down the history of prog rock into written out instrumental sixteenth note holocausts.

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